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Nov 26, 2007


Monday November 26, 2007 @ 6:30PM

Present: Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Mark Brylski, Bob Johnson, Raandi Schmidt
Also present: Adam Beranek, John Beranek, Austin Beranek and Tim LeBrun, Scout Master

The meeting was called to order by Steve Root.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read. Motion made to approve as read. Motion carried.

Eagle Scout candidate Adam Beranek presented photos of the trails in the Bicentennial Park, both before his project and then afterwards. The final photos were taken on October 26, 2007. The trails were widened and covered with wood chips and 2 benches were installed along the trail. Steve has walked the trails and was very pleased with the project. He complimented the scout and then signed off on the scout’s project on behalf of the committee.

Scout Master LeBrun informed the committee that there may be up to another 3 candidates interested in projects starting next spring. Steve recommended that each member of the committee create a list of possible projects in the parks that has been assigned to them and then Steve will present the possible list to the troops early next spring.

Jake Butterfield has completed his project and will most likely make his presentation to the committee at its January meeting. There has been one minor incident. Jake talked to the town crew about bringing wood chips to the Town Park. Unfortunately, twice as many wood chips as needed were delivered to the park and have been dumped in the middle of the parking lot. Since these wood chips are not suitable for fibermat under the equipment, Steve will talk with the town crew about moving the pile. The first choice would be to move it to a corner of the parking lot, so that it can be placed on the trails next spring. If this is not an option, then Steve will request that the pile be moved to the TORC. Jake informed Steve that if the chips are moved, he intends to return to the parking lot to clean it off. Steve will also talk to the crew about some tree trimming.

Steve presented a list of the Eagle Scout projects that will be displayed on the plagues on the board by the Town Hall. This project was approved by the town board with the stipulation that the committee also approve. This approval was granted via email. This list of Troop 168 projects will be given to Tom Wollin who is working on the names and projects for Troop 50. When the list is completed, the plagues will be ordered.

Mark Brylski presented photos of the equipment in the Della Street Park. Mark made several suggestions for work including clearing and updating this neighborhood park. He also made the suggestion that the boundaries of this park be marked for future reference.

The next meeting will be January 7, 2008 @ 6:30pm. Steve requested that the members bring their lists of suggestions of park projects.

Raandi moved to adjourn and Bob seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Janine Jensen

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