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Town of Oregon Park Committee Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2007


Town of Oregon
Park Committee Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2007 @ 7:00 PM

Present: Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Bob Johnson
Also present: Mr. Wollin, Tom Wollin, Kathy Esch and guest

The meeting was called to order by Steve Root. The minutes from the previous meeting were read. Motion made to approve as read. Motion carried.

Tom Wollin came before the committee with a tentative design for the 2 signs about Eagle Scout projects in the Town of Oregon. He presented a drawing of each sign, one for the Town Park entrance and the other for near the park equipment, which will hold placards indicating all previous Eagle Scout projects. There will be enough room to list future projects as well. These placards would be the same as those located on the park benches. Tom was able to provide very preliminary costs for the signs. The Oregon Town Park sign would cost between $600 and $900. The sign for the Eagle Scout projects would cost approximately $500 and the placards could cost another $700. This sign would also have the Town emblem as well as the Boy Scout emblem. The committee was very impressed and gave Tom the approval to formalize a plan and get real cost estimates.

Steve reported that Jake Butterfield, of the Stoughton troop has indicated interest in any project in the Town of Oregon, but has expressed an interest in beginning after school gets out. His preference would be something involving trail building and he would be available for any park that needs it.

Town Park:
The work date that was held on May 5, 2007 went well. The picnic tables and bike rack have been locked down. All locks have been keyed the same. The locks have also been bolted. Steve will request that the Town crew pick up trash both Monday and Friday for the season.

Kennedy Park:
Kathy Esch presented a drawing of the trees that have been planted in Kennedy Park. She feels that her plan is completed. She has received input from many of the neighbors, who generally seem very pleased. The total cost of planting the trees was $410. The committee thanked Kathy for her efforts and have made a decision to thank her publicly for all of her efforts. Also, Steve reported that the Kennedy Park sign has been re-installed.

Ravenoaks Park:
The site for the donated picnic table needs to be identified by interested neighbors of the park. Then the cement pad can be poured to lock the table down.

The committee discussed a proposal made by the new Municipal Judge, Beth Cox. She is interested in seeing if the committee would be interested in having juvenile offenders do community service in the parks. Janine volunteered to talk with Ms. Cox to further discuss the idea, including such items as necessary supervision.

The next meeting will be June 25, 2007 @ 6:30pm.

Bob moved to adjourn and Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Janine Jensen

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