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May 03, 2004



Monday,May 3, 2004 @ 6:30PM


Present:  Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Bob Johnson, Raandi Schmidt

Also present:  Pen Beasley


The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved as read.


Town Park:

Steve informed the committee that he is not certain if the $25,000 advance has been received at the Town hall.  He will check with the town clerk.


The paving of the road and parking lot, and marking of handicap parking has been added to the bid requests for the township’s other roads.  These bids will be opened at the town board meeting on May 4th.    Speed bumps were not a part of any bid because asphalt speed bumps are not as durable as concrete.  It is thought that the concrete ones could be added later.  The town crew will be working on the gravel edges of the road and will be billing their time to the committee.  Janine reported that the adjacent landowner will not be in need of the fences as placed in the original sale of land. 

Steve will approach the local troops to see if there is any interest in working in the town park for Eagle Scout projects.   This volunteer labor can be used as a portion of the committee’s matching requirement.


Steve has not been successful as of yet in contacting Jeff Stone from the local snowmobile club, but he will continue to try. 


The spreadsheets are not yet complete but should be available soon.


Steve requested that Raandi Schmidt order mulch for around the trees in Ravenoaks Park.  She will ask the Ravenoaks association to help with the spreading of the mulch.


Bob reported on his research into concrete picnic tables.  The wooden tables from the town park have been vandalized and are beyond repair.  The concrete tables are steel reinforced and virtually indestructible.  However, the transportation costs are very high due to the extreme weight of the tables.  Therefore, he is looking for a company near the township to avoid some of these high costs.  Steve will make the recommendation to the town board to have the crew remove the remaining table.  Also, he is going to request that the crew begin their trash removal from all of the parks.


Steve reported that there has been some graffiti in the town park, but he has been able to get it removed.


The work date for the town park has been set for Saturday, May 22nd from 8-10AM.  Bob will get the notice to the Oregon Observer and get it on the town’s website.


The next meeting has been set for Monday, June 7, 2004 @ 6:30pm. 


Bob moved to adjourn and Raandi seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully submitted,


Janine Jensen

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