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Jun 07, 2004



Monday June 7, 2004 @ 6:30PM


Present:  Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Bob Johnson, Raandi Schmidt, Nick Brashi

Also present:  Pen Beasley, Jim and Kathy Herman, and Jim Hill


Meeting was called to order by Steve Root.


The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved as read.


The visitors that had come to the meeting were acknowledged and given the floor.  These neighbors reside close to the Town Park and were concerned by the width of the newly graveled pathways into the woods.  They also questioned why the large boulders that had been sitting at the entrance to the paths had been removed.  Steve began his answer by providing a history of the development of the Town Park.  He informed the visitors that the most recent changes were a part of Phase 2 which has just been funded.  He also stated that he was unhappy with the paths into the woods.  He agreed with the visitors that the paths were too wide and this was due to the work of the crew when the ground was too wet from the excessive rains. He also explained that this had occurred because the crew felt some pressure to have the surfaces ready for whenever paving might begin. He explained to the visitors that 1000 feet from the parking lot into the woods would be paved for wheelchair access.  These paths will need to be 8 feet wide to meet ADA requirements.  Steve informed the visitors that he would be meeting with the crew to request that the boulders be returned to their original location until work on the paths can begin. 


One concern of the neighbors was that the paving would create an environment of the paths being a “track” for mini-bikes.  Steve reported that the paths will be in the form of a zigzag which should discourage the racing of bikes.  The committee also encouraged the neighbors to contact the Town Constable should there be any concerns.  The neighbors also expressed concern over the amount of dead trees and Steve indicated that he would mention this to the town crew.       


Town Park:

Steve informed the committee that the $25,000 advance has been received at the Town hall. 


The bids for the paving of the road and parking lot, and marking of handicap parking had been added to the bid requests for the township’s other roads.  These bids were opened at the town board meeting on May 4th.    The successful bid was from Payne & Dolan and the cost for the road, parking lot and paths came in to between $32K and $34K.  Steve will be informed by the vendor before work begins.  The issue of speed bumps had been eliminated from the bid by the Town Board due to a liability issue.  Steve will do some additional research on the topic before approaching the board again.   


The spreadsheets are not yet complete but should be available soon.


Steve will email Raandi Schmidt with the information to place the order for mulch for around the trees in Ravenoaks Park.  She will ask the Ravenoaks association to help with the spreading of the mulch.


Bob reported on his continued research into concrete picnic tables.  Since his report on concrete tables, he has talked with some of the crew from Brooklyn.  Brooklyn doesn’t recommend concrete tables.  They recommend heavy metal frame tables, chained into cement pads with tops of heavy wood.  The wood tops are on a 2-year replacement cycle.  Bob indicated that the committee could purchase 2 of these tables for the price of one concrete table.  Steve requested that Bob come to the next meeting with a formal recommendation and a cost of replacement for table tops. 


Steve reported that there has been some graffiti in the town park, but he has been able to get it removed.


Steve will be meeting with Troop 168 about potential Eagle Scout projects on June 14th.  He will be contacting Troop 50 at a later date.


A date for walking through all parks has been set for Monday, July 12th at 6:30.  The committee will meet for a very short meeting before going to the parks.  Then, the next meeting has been set for Monday, August 2, 2004 @ 6:30pm. 


Nick moved to adjourn and Raandi seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully submitted,


Janine Jensen

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