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Aug 02, 2004



Monday August 2, 2004 @ 6:30PM


Present:  Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Bob Johnson, Raandi Schmidt, Nick Brashi

Also present:  Pen Beasley

Meeting was called to order by Steve Root.


The minutes from the previous meeting were read.  There was an amendment added.  The minutes were modified to read “the park entrances should be zigzagged to discourage mini-bikes”.  The minutes were approved as modified.


On July 12th, there was no quorum of the committee present at one time and therefore there was no formal meeting.  However, Steve, Pen and John Beasley and Raandi Schmidt walked the various town parks.  


Town Park:


The issue of speed bumps for the Town Park Road was again raised by Nick.   Steve is still doing some research on the topic and indicated that he was not yet swayed in either direction.  He did indicate that the Ravenoaks sub-division had approached the town board in the past for speed bumps to no avail.  He indicated that he did not feel that liability was so much a part of the decision as was the questions involving safety issues.  He also indicated that one of the board members is very vocal against the speed bumps.  Discussion turned towards the difference between speed bumps and speed humps.  It is agreed that DOT has standards for these items.  After some discussion, Bob moved to recommend to the board that speed humps be included in the paving of the Town Park Road.  Nick seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  


Discussion turned towards the paving of the Park Road. Steve reported that he had received notification that the road had been scheduled to be paved during the previous week.  However, after discussions with Payne & Dolan, the Town Chair delayed the paving for 2 separate reasons.  The first reason was because the paths in the woods were not ready for paving, and it did not make sense to pave the road and then have to drive over the new blacktop to get to the paths when they would be ready.  The second issue with the road was that the township has an ordinance requiring 22 foot roads.  The present surface doesn’t allow for a 22 foot road and the necessary shoulders.  Without the shoulders, the road will begin to break down.  A 20 foot road could be allowed with the variance from the town board.  A road of 20 foot width would allow for 2 emergency vehicles to pass one another on the road.  But since this road is a town road, it would need the variance from the town board.  Nick moved and Bob seconded the motion to request the 20 foot variance.  Motion carried.


As a result of the more narrow road, Steve recommended that the committee agree to  have Payne & Dolan pave up to 1400 feet of paths rather than the previous 1000 feet.  Bob moved and Nick seconded the motion to approve the request.

Steve reported that there may be an Eagle Scout project that will be occurring in the Town Park before the end of September.  The candidate will be contacting Steve as to whether he is going to accept the project of nature trail improvement in the park.  The Scout council will be making the decision as to whether this project will qualify for an Eagle Scout project, and if so, exactly the necessary size of the project.  Since there is a very compacted timeframe for the project completion, Steve requested approval from the committee to sign off on the proposal prior to the proposal presentation to the committee by the candidate.  Raandi moved and Nick seconded the motion to allow Steve to sign the proposal prior to the formal presentation.  Motion carried.         


Other parks:


Steve reported the following situations in the various parks after the walk-through on July 12th:

Bicentennial Park:  The trails need to be widened and a prairie burn is needed.  Several id posts need to be re-numbered and gravel needs to be added to the driveway.  There continues to be an issue with the fence near the quarry.  It may be necessary to install a secondary fence.


Sheil Park:  The swing set needs some repair.  There is a neighbor that is interested in doing a survey of the neighbors about the potential need for additional equipment.  


Kennedy Park:  The trash receptacle needs to have a new insert.


Ravenoaks Park:  It has been decided that mulch around the trees is not needed and will not be ordered.  


Bob distributed information about various picnic tables and then recommended that the committee purchase heavy metal frame tables, chained into cement pads with tops of heavy wood.  The metal frame is welded and then galvanized, to reduce rusting. Bob recommended the purchase of 8 foot models that are handicap accessible.  These tables would then be chained to cement pads with a 1-2 foot chain.  Bob will verify the prices, determine if the tables are shipped assembled or not and will also check for off-season sales.  This information will be available for the next meeting.  


The next meeting has been set for Monday, September 13th at 6:30. Then, the next meeting has been set for Monday, October 4th, 2004 @ 6:30pm.  


Raandi moved to adjourn and Nick seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  


Respectfully submitted,


Janine Jensen

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