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Asphaltic Wedge Paving
Jun 02, 2016
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                               ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS


Notice is hereby given by the Town of Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin, will receive sealed bids for Road Construction as listed in this request until 4:00 P.M., Local Time on the June 2nd day of 2016, in the office of the Town of Oregon, located at 1138 Union Rd, Oregon, Wisconsin 53575.


Bids will be publicly opened and read at the Town Board meeting June 2, 2016.

Discussion and a decision will be voted on by the Town Board at that time.

Contract documents may be examined at and questions asked at the Town of Oregon office, 1138 Union Rd, Oregon, WI. 53575, 608-835-3200


Asphaltic Wedge Paving


A Performance Bond in the amount of 100 percent of the total bid price, a Certificate of Insurance, together with an executed contract, will be required of the successful bidder.


The owner requires that contractors provide a complete bid that includes all material, supplies, tools, labor, equipment, other services and incidentals necessary for a complete and finished project.


Owner will forward a payment when the project is complete and the work is acceptable to the owner according to the specifications as stated.  Any deviation from the specifications or sub-standard work by the contractor will mandate that the contractor repair or rework the road at the contractor’s expense.


The owner requires that contractors assume an affirmative duty to notify the owner of errors in the plans and specifications.


The owner requires bid responsiveness, i.e., the bid must comply with all material requirements of the bid invitation and specifications.  The owner reserves the right to reject non-responsive bids.


The owner reserves the right to select any bid portion individually.  The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


The contractor shall verify any and all roadway lengths and widths and provide bid based on actual field dimensions and conditions.


May 16th 2016

Denise Arnold, Town of Oregon Clerk








All contracting procedures work and materials supplied under this proposal shall conform to the Standard Specifications for Highway and Structure Construction, 2003 edition of the Wisconsin Division of Highways, Department of Transportation.  The special provisions in this proposal shall supplement and take precedence over the above-mentioned specifications.


The Town of Oregon, Wisconsin is the issuer of this bid proposal, shall hereinafter be referred to as "the owner".



Successful bidders shall furnish the owner with a performance bond equal to 100% of the contracted amount.



The contractor shall furnish and deliver to the owner a certificate of insurance for worker's compensation and an umbrella certificate of liability and property insurance in the minimum amount of three million dollars before beginning work, and shall notify the owner immediately of any cancellation or change in insurance coverage.



The contractor will be responsible for all traffic control, including furnishing and maintaining all signs, flags, flag-persons, barricades and lights where required, to protect the safety of the traveling public, all in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices currently adopted by the FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATIONand the WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION supplement.



All work is to be completed prior to October 15 of contract year.


















Surfacing.  Asphalt construction shall conform to Section 460 of the WisDOT Standard Specifications.  The nominal thickness of the asphaltic wedge pavement shall be from zero inches feathering on the crown side of the roadway to three inches on the shoulder side of the roadway.  Existing driveways shall be feathered into the new wedging of the roadway and associated costs shall be included in the bid. Wedging shall be done as marked by the owner on the roadway and according to the description stated in this specification.


Tack Coat.  A tack coat is required to be applied to existing surface prior to overlay and between lifts.  The final sweeping and surface cleaning shall be done by the paving contractor just ahead of paving and this cleaning shall be considered incidental cost to the paving.



The contractor shall provide adequate trucks and paving train equipment to assure a continuous paving operation and avoid frequent delays.


After the asphaltic paving has started, the contractor shall proceed to complete the project at the earliest possible date.  If the contractor should determine it necessary to stop the paving operation, the contractor shall make a request to the owner for permission to stop work.



The asphalt cement shall be performance graded PG 58-28AC or equivalent.  The contractor shall provide a current mix design that will be used on the project.



The contractor shall provide and maintain a quality control program.  A quality control program is defined as all activities, including mix design, process control inspection, sampling and testing, and necessary adjustments in the process that are related to the production of a hot mix asphaltic pavements which meets the requirements of the specifications.


The owner will provide quality assurance and acceptance programs.  The owner may conduct assurance tests on samples taken by the contractor under the observation of or in a manner approved by the owner.  Differences between the owner's split sample test results and the contractor's quality control test results are considered acceptable if they fall within limits established by WisDOT.  In the event comparison test results variations are outside established limits, the current WisDOT procedures quality assurance testing should be followed. The contractors quality assurance program shall be conducted by a Certified Asphaltic Technician I who is on the current WisDOT Certified Technician list.









Furnish and install crushed stone shoulder material









































Hillcrest Lane

            From:  County Highway A to Lincoln Rd.

Minimum 2” compacted paver patch 5’ wide approx. 13,485’ in total length.



Total Approximate Tons____________________________________



Bid Total $______________________________________________________


Lincoln Road

            From:  County Highway D to Fish Hatchery Rd.

Minimum 2” compacted paver patch 5’ wide approx. 4,650’ in total length.



Total Approximate Tons____________________________________



Bid Total $______________________________________________________









Submitted by the undersigned bidder to the Town of Oregon, Wisconsin in accordance with this advertisement inviting proposal, to furnish and deliver all materials, and to do and perform all work for the owners current roads project designated in accordance with the Contract Documents.


The undersigned bidder, if awarded the contract, agrees to complete the work prior to October 15 of the year of signing.


The undersigned bidder, submitting this proposal, hereby declares and agrees to be bound, and to perform the work, in accordance with all terms, conditions and requirements of the within and foregoing proposal, the Contract, the applicable specifications, the special provisions, and the Advertisement for Bid are made a part hereof as fully and completely as if attached hereto.


I HEREBY CERTIFY that all statements herein are made in behalf of






(Name of firm submitting bid)





_____________________ ___________________________________________________________

(Address of firm submitting the bid)


and that I have examined and carefully prepared this Proposal from the Contract Document, and I have checked the same in detail before submitting this Proposal, that I have full authority to make such statements and submit this Proposal in (its) (their) behalf, and that said statements are true and correct.


I FURTHER CERTIFY that no agreement has been entered into to prevent competition for said work and that I have carefully examined the site where the work is to take place, Specifications, form of contract, Bonds, and all Contract Documents.


I FURTHER CERTIFY that data sheets and descriptive literature attached hereto are true and correct and are intended to be made part of this Proposal.



















Corporate Seal



Sworn and subscribed to before me

this________day of___________,




                       Notary Public

My Commission expires                                      

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