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Frequently Asked Questions

Someone in my neighborhood is planning a land-split.  Why wasn't I notified?
When a submittal is made to the Planning Commission an effort is made to notify surrounding neighbors of the subsequent Public Hearing and/or Planning Commission action.  Sometimes, due to lack of current information in our database or the proximity of the parcel to surrounding neighborhoods, not all residents are notified.  We encourage residents who receive these reminders to share with neighbors they feel may be interested, in case they did not receive a notice.  We also recommend keeping an eye on the Public Hearing Notices and Planning Commission Agendas.  These meetings are ordinarily held on the last Tuesday of the month

Is it legal for my neighbor to shoot on his property?
Shooting is prohibited in Town Parks.  We have no ordinances restricting shooting in the Town of Oregon.  We remind you to keep other laws in mind, such as unlawful hunting and noise ordinances.

Is the Building Inspector in today?
Please contact the Clerk’s Office at 835-3200.

Do I need a building permit to do x,y, or z to my home?
While it is recommended that you check with Dane Co. Zoning and/or our Building Inspector, here are some general guidelines to follow.  Any structure added to your property will first require a Dane Co. zoning permit BEFORE you apply for a local permit.  This includes decks, garages, pools, garden sheds, etc.  You must then apply locally for a building permit.  Examples of building, remodeling or repairs that MAY NOT require a zoning permit include re-roofing, new windows, new furnace, electrical work, duct work, inside remodeling.  These items STILL REQUIRE a local permit application. Permit fees are doubled if work is done before a permit is approved.  Please contact our building inspector or Dane Co. Zoning (266-4266) with questions regarding these permits.

Where do I vote?
All wards in the Town of Oregon vote at the Town Hall located at 1138 Union Road.  As of January 1, 2006, all municipalities in Wisconsin require voter registration prior to a person being allowed to vote.

My neighbor has a green sign with their house numbers on it. How do I get one?
Rural numbering components (numbers, letters, signs and posts) can be obtained at the Dane County Zoning Office, City County Building, 210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Room 116, Madison, Wisconsin.  You also may contact Dane County Zoning at 266-4266.  The signs are a county requirement so that emergency personnel can find you.

Do I need a burning permit?
We have no written ordinance restricting burning in the Town of Oregon. You must contact the Fire Department and advise them of a controlled burn if you feel someone may call it in as an emergency.  You may NOT burn plastics, garbage, oil, tires, or other potentially toxic products. These rules are governed by the DNR, please contact them if you have concerns.

Can I rent the town hall?
The town hall can ONLY be rented by residents in the Town of Oregon.  The cost is $100 with a $50 deposit. If alcohol is served, the deposit is $100.  For more information, please see Application for Rental.