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Police Services


Dial 911 to report an accident, fire, serious illness, injury, or crime in progress that requires immediate response .

Contact the Dane County Sheriff's office for law enforcement.  In some cases you may be referred to alternative resources if they involve the enforcement of town ordinances.

Supervisory District number #31
Phone: 255-2345

The Community Deputy that covers the Town of Oregon is Leslie Fox.

Some example of complaints handled by the Dane County Sheriff (This list in not all-inclusive)
Criminal activity
Domestic abuse
Traffic accidents

Duties of the Constable

The Town Constable is elected for a two-year term. The town board determines the jurisdiction and the duties of the constable. The constable enforces town ordinances, acts as a liaison to the town officials and other law enforcement agencies. The constable aids with traffic control.

The constable position is a part time position. Due to the part time status, the constable may not be available to respond to calls in progress. Callers are encouraged to call and leave a message with Constable Gary Wackett, 445-5673. Please include the necessary information for the constable to contact you.

Some examples of complaints handled by the constable (This list is not all-inclusive)
*Animal/Dog Violation
(The constable is authorized to issue citations for violations of any provision of the town ordinance dealing with the licensing of dogs and dogs "running at large")
*Abandoned vehicle
*Parking violation
*Junk/Junk vehicle
*Noise violation
*Curfew violations